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UK and EU Orders

Due to the new VAT laws implemented by both the U.K and the EU, we are unable to processes orders through our store front. 

All order to UK and EU residents will now be processed through our ETSY Storefront


Please follow these steps to put in an order:

★ First, please visit our ETSY Store, then - 

If the product you want to purchase IS available on our ETSY store:
 Complete your order as usual! 

If the product you want IS NOT available on our Etsy Store:

 Head to our ETSY store and hit the “Contact seller" button

 Send us a message with:

  • Indication that you are purchasing from the UK or EU
  • First and Last Name
  • Phone number (it is required from my shipment company to submit a number to orders being sent to the UK and EU – If you are not comfortable submitting your number, please add this in your message and we will work it out!
  • The products you would like to purchase (Including quantities and design specification if applies) - (if you are buying enamel pins, please specify the pin grade)
  • Any notes or questions you have for your purchase.

 Wait for us to reach back to you with your customer order.

 Complete the purchase of your custom order.